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Meet: Sydney Porter Williams

January 28th, you can join us for an in-person Lunar New Year: Paint Night and Cocktails. However, to accommodate those that cannot be there we have created a Lunar New Year: Paint and Drink Kit that allows you to go at your own pace.

Our artist for this event is Sydney Porter Williams.

Artist | Sydney Porter Williams

Sydney is a teaching artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. She is currently working towards earning her MFA in Community-Based Art Education at the University of Utah. Sydney loves to help people create, and teaches in various communities throughout the Salt Lake Valley. When she’s not teaching or making art, she spends time with her husband, Nate, and her dog, Daisy.

We are so excited to partner with Sydney as she encourages us to bring our 2022 intentions to the forefront of our minds and allow them to be expressed on canvas.

You can follow her and view her work through her social media and website

Instagram: @sydneyrebekah

Professional Instagram: @sydneyporterwilliamsart


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