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Meet: Claudia Gebhardt

The liquor industry itself is no surprise a male-dominated industry. However, you may be surprised to find out that the wine industry is exactly the same. I say this because a majority of wine merchandise is marketed to females. Recent data shows that of those working in the Wine Industry, less than 20% are women. I mention this because, when you meet a fellow female or non-male in the liquor, wine, or an adjacent industry it is cause for attention.

When I started the Cocktail Collective, I was seeking instructor like myself: different from the norm. Someone who may not have grown up in the industry but has a fervent passion. That is why I am excited to introduce Claudia Gebhardt.

Claudia Gebhardt | Wine Marketer and Founder of The Social Pour
Claudia Gebhardt | Wine Marketer and Founder of The Social Pour

Claudia is a transplant to Utah and has already seamlessly fit into the eclectic downtown Sugarhouse lifestyle. She shared with me that it was more by chance that she and her partner ended up moving here. It seems to have worked out very well so far.

Claudia is a social media marketer, who specializes in wine and health businesses. She is also the founder of The Social Pour, an online digital lifestyle magazine. When she is not working, she and her pup, millie, have fallen in love with Utah's unbeatable outdoors and go exploring any chance they get.

I have invited Claudia to begin teaching events with Cocktail Collective. Her first event with us will be on February 18th at 6 pm

This will be an in-person event and seating is limited.

You can follow Claudia on her social media and magazine:


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