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What We're About

What We're About

The Cocktail Collective started as a passion project for bringing upcycled barware and glassware to cocktail and spirits enthusiasts and teaching virtual cocktail classes during the pandemic.


We started small but we quickly became mighty! Our cocktail and spirits education classes are for anyone and everyone who is interested in or already working in the bar industry. 

We love hunting unique and upcycled bar and glassware and creating craft and classic cocktail kits. 


Our goal is to make bartending a fun and enjoyable experience. We hope you enjoy it. 



Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder: Alexi 

In 2011, Alexi stumbled upon the mesmerizing world of bartending while working in the bridal and catering industry. Inspired by the perfect blend of science and creativity, she embarked on a journey into mixology and bartending. She earned recognition and accolades through dedication and hard work, including the prestigious Sundance Film Festival’s “Drink of Choice” award in 2016 for her creation, "The Show Stopper."

As the Western States brand ambassador for Johnny Walker, Alexi played a role in introducing Island Green to the market from 2015 to 2017. This experience allowed her to obtain certifications and expertise in American, Scottish, and Irish whiskies. Fuelled by her passion for scotch and Scottish history, she obtained her Master's Certification in Scotch Whisky from the esteemed Edinburgh Whisky Academy. Her knowledge also extends to other spirits, as she holds certifications as a Bourbon Steward and Certified Spirits professional in Gin.

In her endeavor to share her love and expertise, Alexi founded the Cocktail Collective, a space where individuals of all skill levels can comfortably and successfully develop their bartending and mixology skills. Here, they learn the craft of cocktail making and gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the world of spirits.

Alexi's current projects consist of growing the Cocktail Collective and writing her first historical non-fiction. When she's not busy honing her craft, Alexi cherishes quality time with her husband, Joe, and their furbabies, Lennon and Ash. Joe and Alexi welcomed their first child in 2023.


If you are a business or brand that is interested in working with Alexi.

You can contact her at  

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