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Ivy Greystar

Moon Magic Educator and Tarot Expert

Ivy began her journey as a child, full of dreams that would eventually become a reality. With a deep and unique understanding of empathy, she was able to feel things that no one around her could comprehend. It wasn't until she embraced her identity as a witch in her early twenties that she truly began to comprehend the significance of her innate abilities.

As a new instructor for Mixology and Moon Magic, she combines her intuitive gifts with her passion for teaching. Specializing in intuitive reading, she relies on her instincts and intuition to navigate her readings. Sometimes, she even receives messages from the spiritual realm, allowing her to provide deeper insights. The key to unlocking these messages lies in being open and receptive to the energy surrounding you, which in turn enhances the depth and meaning of the reading. In fact, you may find yourself receiving answers to questions you never even realized you needed answers to.

While she utilizes various methods and divination tools to convey the messages and emotions she receives, her preferred method is tarot. This ancient practice enables her to translate her intuitive experiences into tangible guidance for others. With her expertise in tarot and her natural intuitive abilities, she is able to offer profound and transformative readings.

Ivy Greystar
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