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Ethan Storrer

Palentologist and Owner of Primordial Customs

Ethan is a field paleontologist and instructor with over a decade of experience in a private paleo lab. He specializes in the study of Tyrannosaurs but is passionate about all dinosaurs and the diverse species that once roamed the Earth.

Ethan's enthusiasm for sharing the mysteries and knowledge of deep time and prehistoric creatures is palpable. He is thrilled to teach a class at the cocktail collective, combining his love for dinosaurs with his interest in mixology. As the collab instructor for Jurassic Libations, Ethan aims to create a unique and educational experience that combines the world of paleontology with crafting delicious cocktails.

Ethan owns Primordial Customs, a business that offers a range of services related to the prehistoric world. This includes paleoart commissions and customized dinosaur-themed merchandise. The business celebrates the wonder of the prehistoric world through art, merchandise, and unique cocktail experiences. Customers can expect high-quality products and an educational journey into ancient history with Ethan's expertise and passion.

In his free time, Ethan enjoys various hobbies such as snowboarding, wakeboarding, and creating paleoart. He also loves watching movies, particularly those featuring dinosaurs, and has a fondness for animal husbandry and learning about different animals.

With Ethan's extensive knowledge, contagious enthusiasm, and diverse interests, he is the perfect instructor for Jurassic Libations. Participants can expect to learn about dinosaurs and their fascinating history while also discovering how to create and enjoy unique cocktails inspired by these magnificent creatures.

Ethan Storrer
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