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The Black Walnut Sazerac

The sazerac has always been one of those delicious classic cocktails that I just never made time for. Why? I really don't have a proper answer. However, while I was late night perusing for new fantastic cocktails and twists on the classics, I found the Black Barrel Sazerac. Sounded good but I didn't have any absinthe on hand and it was 4 am. I had recently bought a bottle of Honest Johns Black Walnut Bitters and thought that the dark rum and black walnut if done right could be pretty amazing. Thus I present The Black Walnut Sazerac.

The Black Walnut Sazerac


1.5 oz Black Barrel Rum

1 tsp White crème de cacao

4 dashes Honest John Black Walnut bitters

Orange peel


Take the orange peel and squeeze (rind in) expressing oils into a rocks glass. lightly swipe the peel on the inside of the glass then set aside. Combine all ingredients in cocktail mixing glass and stir lightly with lite ice. Then strain into rocks glass. Garnish with orange peel. Meant to be enjoyed neat, rocks make a great addition too.



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