Smokey Would Approve...

Our Alta Hot Shot Wildland Firefighters have been working their butts off all over and today FINALLY they are coming home! In honor of their hard work I have crafted a cocktail and shot with them in mind.

"The F & F Extinguisher"

2 whole lemons

25 oz. Luxadro grenadine

1 oz. Roasted cinnamon simple syrup

1.5 oz. Sugar House Distillery New Make Whiskey

Soda Water


Juice two whole lemons into a shaker. Add your delicious 1.5 oz. of Sugarhouse Distillery New Make Whiskey, your roasted cinnamon simple syrup and a scoop of ice to the shaker as well. Now shake what your momma gave ya! Pour into a worthy glass. Top off with soda water SLOWLY!! Your mix is currently a dark grey you want only to lighten it a bit. Take a cocktail spoon and flip it over so the underside is on the inner lip of the glass. Slowly pour your grenadine over the spoon allowing it to float to the bottom. Now you have your flame going up into the smoke. Serve and enjoy!

"The Soot"

1 oz. of Sugarhouse Distillery New Make Whiskey

.25 oz. of Luxardo grenadine

.25 oz. of Roasted cinnamon simple syrup