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May's Cocktail and Spirits

This Month's Menu

*Each blog post will be available on the listed date.

By Alexi Fisher
John Dabney's Mint Julep
  • May 5th – Cinco de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo Cocktails)

  • May 6th – Kentucky Derby Day

  • May 6th-13th – World Cocktail Week

  • May 7th – National Cosmopolitan Day

  • May 13th – World Cocktail Day

  • May 14th – Mothers’ Day

  • May 15th– National Pisco Day in Chile

  • May 16th– World Chartreuse Day

  • May 16th – Mimosa Day

  • May 20th– World Whisky Day

  • May 20th– World Bee Day

  • May 22nd– World Paloma Day

  • May 26th – World Sherry Day

  • May 30th– National Mint Julep Day

Month Long:

  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

  • Celiac Awareness Month

  • Haitian Heritage Month

  • Jewish American Heritage Month

  • Mental Health Awareness Month

  • National Pet Month


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