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Let's Get Planning

It's 2019 and you just got engaged, CONGRATS! Now you can finally put all your optimistic pre-planning ideas and various wedding-deciated Pinterest boards to use. If you Google "2019 Wedding Planning" the search will populate 485,000,000 results. Now wait, do not pull out your hair. There are some fantastic wedding planning resources out there and these are the ones we HIGHLY recommend!

Zola is an online wedding registry, wedding planner, and retailer. This awesome website allows couples to register for gifts, vacations, and will even remind your grandmother of that toaster you've been keeping your eye on. ZOLA also allows couples to build a free wedding website and get sweet discounts post-wedding. Finally, we love that it is a female led e-commerce company that is definitely making their mark on the wedding industry.

Wedding Alcohol Calculator

If you live in Utah then you know about the recent BAC law change. With strict law changes and tax increases on alcohol, how is a wedding bar even feasible? Hiring the perfect bartender for your wedding can be a chore. However, buying alcohol for a 150+ guest wedding can be down right ludacris! has a great post about how to math when buying liquor in large quantities.

Michelle Leo Events

Michelle Leo is by far one of the most talented wedding planners I have had the opportunity to work with. Don't just take my word for it check out her well deserved reviews, instagram (@michelleleoevents) and website. MLE's services range from full-service ot hourly consulting.

Wasatch Event Services

You and your guests are having a blast and you realize that your night is coming to a close. The absolute last thing you want to do is clean-up. You definitely do not want to ask that chore of your parents let alone your friends. Check out the staffing services of Wasatch Event Services; a professional crew that will serve food, rental pick-up and set-up, and clean up. They are absolutely fantastic to work with.

Wedding Venues

Finding the right venue should be first on your wedding checklist. That is the one thing that every wedding rom-com got right. Here is a list of our favorite venues:

The Copper Nickel:

The Startup Building Event Space:

Cottage Charm:

Ember SLC:

Arbor Manor:

Falls at Trolley


The Sugar

15th Street Gallery:

McCune Mansion:

This is The Place Monument:

Tracy Aviary:

Red Cliff Ranch:

Sleepy Ridge Weddings:

University Guest House:

The Atrium at Western Gardens:

The Ivy House:

Cactus and Tropicals:

Temple Har Shalom:

Provo River Front Honeymoon

River Ranch Events:

Happy Planning!


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