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By All Means...

I call this tasty concoction “By All Means”. My dude has just come home after being gone for 16 day fighting wildland fire in Utah. Aptly named so because as soon as pictures are done, he has taken it from me and it’s his drink now 🤷🏼‍

📷 : @etsuojoe .

 By All Means

1.5 oz Highwest AP Bourbon

1 oz. Ginger Fizzbloom Syrup

5 Raspberries 

2 Leaves of Sweet Basil


Add your raspberries to a shaker and muddle until juiced. Take two sweet basil leaves and smack them between your hands. This helps the leaves express their oils. Add you shaker and gently muddle with juiced raspberries. Add that delicious bourbon and Fizzbloom Ginger Syrup. Then add ice (never forget the ice). Shake shake shake Senora. Strain into classy glass.

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