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Best of Utah 2021

Best of the whole dang state?! That is recognition that means the world to us but we know we would be here without our amazing supporters and followers.

We thank you with all our heart!



It flirts with cliché, but it's also true: You don't always fully appreciate something until it's gone. For much of the past 18+ months, we've had to deal with a world in which a lot of things we took for granted weren't always available to us: favorite restaurants, well-loved live performance venues, the places we just went to get away from it all. Some folks and businesses came out on the other side of the worst part of the pandemic still kicking; not all of them did.

City Weekly's annual Best of Utah issue has always been, for more than 30 years, a celebration of community, and we've felt the need for that community more than ever lately.

These recognitions are a chance for all of us—those lucky enough to work for this publication, and those who read and support it—to pay our respects to the people and places that make our city and our state unique. We've always been a local voice, listening to other local voices, as they support still more local voices.

These pages are full of authentically Utah things, some 374 and counting, that the readers who voted and the staff who wrote about them authentically love.

The 2021 City Weekly Best of Utah issue features a lot of the great things you've come to expect, plus a little bit more, including special recognition for some entities that went the extra mile during the pandemic in putting public health first. That's because love for the community is represented by how we help take care of one another.

Love for this community is why City Weekly exists, and why this issue exists. Thanks for reading, and for helping us spread the love.

Best Mobile Bartending Service
Best of Utah 2021

Best Mobile Bartending Service

The Hammered Copper

An eco-friendly, traveling bartending service? Yes! The Hammered Copper is into beautiful, creative, delicious drinks. Plus, they teach classes and serve at weddings and corporate events. (And they have your

non-drinking friends covered, too.) We want this company to be on everyone's radar. IG: @hammered.copper

We highly suggest reading about the other amazing business and people who have won Best of Utah. Head over to Best of Utah 2021 by City Weekly


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