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Crime & A Cocktail: Dark Temptations💀

For this Crime & A Cocktail, Jenn chose a true crime that was truly jaw-dropping. This month, we talked about the gruesome and disturbing tale of Charlie Brandt aka The Invisible Killer. The crimes and murders Charlie committed as an adult never made it to the court system thus making this nickname quite appropriate.

My inspiration when creating this cocktail was to build something unassuming and yet biting, like Charlie.

I hope you enjoy it.

Dark Temptations By Alexi Fisher



  1. Combine all ingredients (except for the blackberry sour) into either a cold mixing glass or add a small scoop of ice. Stir until chilled 30-50 rotations.

  2. Then strain contents either neat or over ice into a fresh glass. In the same mixing glass pour 3-4 oz. of blackberry sour.

  3. Using the frother, emulsify the sour until it has completely frothed. Layer over top of the cocktail to the rim.

  4. Garnish with the dehydrated lemon and a drizzle of black cherry juice.

The Charlie Brandt episode will be releasing soon. Make sure to go listen to Jenn Hansen's The Living - Podcast



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