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Pre-Batched Mulled Wine Mix

Pre-Batched Mulled Wine Mix


It's officially winter, and we are cold! One thing that seems to help is sipping on hot drinks. You cannot go wrong with our Mulled Wine Mix.


Our Mulled Wine recipe sticks close to tradition, with warm brown sugar as its sweetener and classic mulling spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, dehydrated oranges, cranberries, and apple slices. We like to add blended red wine and a gold rum.


The result is just sweet enough, fruity, and so soothing. It’s easy to drink and makes you feel cozy & relaxed.


This year we are offer three sizes:

* 16oz: makes 6-8 servings

* 32oz: makes 12-16 servings

* Gift set Includes:

  • 16oz. Ingredients kit
  • Two temped glass mugs


Ready by Nov. 18th
  • Eco Friendly and Locally Sourced

    Each kit is packaged using eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

    All dehydrated fruits, spices, and herbs are sourced from small businesses. 

  • Locally sourced ingredients

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