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Stocking Your Bar with The Right Tools

Being well equipped is one of the basic steps to running a successful bar or making great drinks at home. As well as having the right tools for the job, your equipment should be good quality and durable. Here's a list of the equipment you'll need, as well as a short description or tip to help guide you.


Waiter’s key or Wine key: Cost: $10-30

These are fantastic multi-utility tools. They can open wine bottles and open beer bottles.

Cocktail Shaker

Essential for blending ingredients in cocktails and mixed drinks. Use a short, sharp, and snappy shaking technique unless otherwise stated. There are many cocktail shakers available mostly all getting the job done. Here is a handy chart that will help you decide which one is best for you!

Ice Bucket:

You can use anything as an ice bucket. If you choose to upgrade your ice bucket, we suggest choosing something that is lined or double-walled.

Ice Tongs and Scoops

Similar to ice buckets, almost anything can be used as an ice scoop. Unless you are making drinks for yourself, Never handle ice with your hands, it's not only unhygienic. We also suggest never using glass ice scoops or glassware as a scoop it’ll break or chip at best, then you'll have blood and glass in your ice.

Jigger: Cost: $5-40

The best measuring tool, next to measuring with your heart. If you are new to mixing drinks it's best to think of the recommended ratios the same as you would of a baking or cooking recipe. Classic cocktails go through rigorous analysis to determine the ratios that should be in a drink to make the most delicious cocktail. Trust the experts and use a jigger.

Juicer: Cost: $5-200

Whether a hinged, electric, or open-style juicer. This is a necessary tool for adding fresh citrus to your cocktails or mocktails. There isn’t one that is necessarily better than another. It is all subject to preference.

Bar Spoon: Cost: $10-30

Bar spoons can be used to measure, mix and muddle cocktails. There are the greatest tool if you are trying to up your cocktail game by layering your ingredients.

Mixing Glass: Cost: $20-100+

Almost any tall and with mount glass or jar can be used as a mixing glass. Even the base of your shaker can be used as a mixing glass. We suggest using a container that a strainer will sit well on and is easy to clean.

Strainer: Cost: $15-60

There are three types of strainers: Hawthorne, Julep, and Fine Sieve. All have their benefits and struggles. However, you do not need to own every kind to make delicious drinks. We suggest the Hawthorne strainer because it's a great in-between option and the spring can be used to quickly emulsify a cocktail.

Muddler: Cost: $10-50

A BlackBerry Bramble is a delicious cocktail and especially when you use fresh blackberries. Like a mortar and pestle, the muddler works in a similar way by mashing and blending your more solid ingredients together. We suggest a walnut or bamboo muddler. They stand the test, are easy to clean with soap and warm water, and look beautiful!

We carry many of these basic bar tools in our stop. Go and check them out!


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